A few decades ago Puustila was still a farm where pigs were grown and grain was farmed. When Tahko region started to evolve and grow up and the first golf course was about to be built thought Hannu, the farmer of Puustila in fourth generation, that running a farm in the middle of Tahko was no longer wise. Hannu was wondering if the lands of Puustila could be used for accommodation. This is how the idea of Puustila Golf & Ski was arisen. A duplex house Puustila A and B was the first building built for accommodation in 2001, and it was built instead of the original farm main building by using the old frame and respecting the history.

Puustila and Hovila farm in 1967.
Puustila A nowadays.

Puustila Golf & Ski offers high-class, easy and diverse accommodation in 12 different apartments and villas. Our holiday homes are located right in the heart of Tahko with amazing scenery close to the nature. You can find both Tahko services and different kind of activities only a few minutes walk away. 

In the future we will do our best to keep providing high-class accommodation just as we have done so far. However one of our priorities is to aim for a more responsible and ecological future so that the nature around us would remain as diverse also for the future generations. In order to address this we started to build EcoCompass-certificate and Sustainable Travel Finland - label for our company in the beginning of 2020.  We were  granted EcoCompass-certificate on September 2021 and Sustainable Travel Finland -  label on October 2022.  We are also participating with other companies in Tahko in Sustainable Tahko -project which aims to achieve a Sustainable Travel Finland -label for Tahko as a region by year 2024.